Tuesday, September 25, 2018

#MonsterMySelfie Monster Portraits Are Back! Also, Monsterized Bailey & Stephen!

Bailey & Stephen - Monster Portraits.
Ink with technical pens & brush pens on  two pieces of 5x7 inch Bristol board paper.

    It's almost that spooky time of year again & the #MonsterMySelfie Monster Portrait Month sale is back just in time! That's right, you asked for it & you've got it. Back in October 2014, I began a project where  I "Monsterized" your selfies. I received one of the biggest responses I've had for an original art project & many of you have been asking for the sale to return since then. Aside from the occasional portrait I was able to squeeze in here & there (like the two above,) I haven't opened up orders for the monster portraits in four years. But that changes now!

A closer look at
Bailey - Monster Portrait.
Ink with technical pens & brush pens on 5x7 inch Bristol board paper.

    This October, you can get yourself MONSTERIZED! You send me a picture of yourself and I draw & ink an original 5x7 inch portrait of you as a monster! And it's only for $45 + shipping! As of right now, these portraits are only available until Oct 31, 2018, so you'll probably want to hurry!

A closer look at
Stephen - Monster Portrait.
Ink with technical pens & brush pens on  two pieces of 5x7 inch Bristol board paper.

    Just click HERE (or click the Shop/PABshop link at the top of the page,) and be sent to my online shop where you can place your order & get all the details & instructions for sending the photo. For more examples of past Monster Portraits, you can see more posts about them HERE on this site, my Behance Portfolio, or on Instagram. Order your original custom monster portrait today!

  Here's another look at Bailey & Stephen, the sketches I drew while trying to figure out which how to monsterize them, & another couple of Monster Portrait examples:


Patrick & Sarah - Monster Portraits
Ink on two separate pieces of 5x7 inch Bristol board paper. 

    Until time, God Bless!
        -Philip A. Buck

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Throw Back Thursday: Max's Pterosaur Watercolor Illustration

Hey folks! Here's a "Throwback Thursday" to these watercolor & ink pterosaurs that I painted a few years ago for a friend’s baby. Give someone you care about a hug today!
God bless!