Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Amplifier: M is for Magnify

Click images to see larger.

Hello, awesome people! Good to see you again! I just wanted to share with you the illustration I did for the latest edition of The Amplifier. The theme/idea for this one was to show that  people just like you and me who happen to be homeless are all around us, but often get overlooked. A good way to help these people out is to buy a copy of The Amp and your literally helping these folks first hand. The Amp's vendors are people who are currently homeless and the majority of the profit goes to them. So if you live in the Knoxville,TN area try to pick up the paper. So cool. 

I had fun coming up with different people to put in the crowd. I got lots of inspiration from sites like The Sartorialist. Below are my very sloppy and quick thumbnail sketches for myself and Leslie of The Amp to see which direction we wanted to go with the illustration. Also below is a close up detail of my favorite part of the final illustration.

Well its been fun, but its back to the drawing table for this guy! Have a great day and Godbless!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Illustration in REED vol. 65 2012

"A Night In" Click image to enlarge.

So this is something that is cool, guys. The other day I got this year's volume of Reed in the mail. This is super cool, because my drawing (above) was printed in it! I'm thankful for the honor to get to be one of the few chosen to have their work in this volume. I originally did the drawing for the "monkey" themed week over on the good ol' NMB blog.  Vol. 65 of Reed is available for kindle here. I'll try to find where you can buy the print version soon. :) God Bless!

UPDATE: The print version is available now on their site.