Tuesday, April 14, 2015


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Monday, April 6, 2015

Good Evening...

    For a little while now, I've had this silly idea in my head. So about month ago, I decided to make a comic strip out of it and use the opportunity to try out some new things in Photoshop while getting in some always welcome practice. Once I was done, I thought it'd make a neat gif (above.)

    Here are the original comic strip and some concept sketches below:

    I've been quite busy with some exciting freelance comics coloring work lately (which I can't share yet,) but I hope this dose of cartoony, vampiric news anchor goodness will hold you over until the next post!

    Did you have a good Easter/Passover? I surely did and hope you did as well! On my tumblr blog, PABDESK, I've posted one of my favorite film depictions of the story of Jesus, The Miracle Maker. The film beautifully combines stop-motion with hand-drawn animation (along with a great voice acting cast & score,) to portray the miracles of Jesus in a passionate a lovely way. Feel free to click the link here to watch and find out where you can buy a copy of the movie for your very own. Until next time, God bless, everybody!