Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Color- Samnee's Batman and Wonder Woman

Going along with my recent learning and practicing digital coloring on Photoshop, I am posting this picture of Batman and Wonder Woman by the amazing comic book artist, Chris Samnee. You can see his original "inked" sketch here.
I took the original image, tweaked it a little bit and then set the layer on "multiply." I then made multiple other layers that I colored underneath. All of it was done with my mouse. I think it's a fair job for my second try at coloring and I couldn't have had a better image to work with. Maybe I'll will start having some of my own work digitally colored up on here soon- you never know! Don't worry, I'll keep putting up my other "traditional" stuff too. :)

God bless ya! Have a good one!

Friday, July 23, 2010


photo of watercolor and ink lightened and enhanced in photoshop

original photo of watercolor and ink drawing

scan of original painting.... can't seem to get those scans to work right.
More to come.
Thanks for coming 'round. God Bless!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I know practically nothing about Photoshop, but I've been trying to learn more about it lately to get better images of my art on my computer and also start coloring digitally. Here, I took a tiny little doodle of Batman's ever-faithful butler and scanned it so that I could try out some tips I'd learned from Michael Halbert and Nick Edwards' tutorials.
Cleared up and sharpened in PS:

Colored in PS:

The best butler a hero could have: diner and a first aid kit in hand! haha
Thanks again for checking out my work and play. God bless you guys!

Monday, July 19, 2010

worst luchador magician ever

I did an ink drawing not long ago of the worst luchador ever. I really liked the poor character, or rather, I really liked making life rough for him so I did a little doodle today of him. It turned out pretty good so I watercolored it. I then scanned it to my computer which resulted in an unsatisfying image:

I then took a photo of the watercolor. I'm always trying to see why sometimes photos of art work so much better than scans and other times they don't.

I then had the itch to tweak the photo in Photoshop, something that I know very little about.

That is definetly not a rabbit coming from that hat.... .... it is a goat. Gasp!
Thanks for stoppin by today. God bless and good day, friends!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lili and Carrot Top

Wow, it really seems like it has been far too long since I've put new stuff up here! I've had alot going on recently, but one good thing is that part of the reason for less new stuff is that I've been busy making art!

Recently, I watched the film Lili on TCM and greatly enjoyed it (especially the puppet scenes). So as I was waiting for some paint to dry today, I did this sketch:

Below Is the original "color" scan which is too washed out, but shows of the smoothness of the lines better.

Thanks for stoppin' by. Go watch the movie and draw the characters! Have a good rest of the day and God Bless!