Monday, July 19, 2010

worst luchador magician ever

I did an ink drawing not long ago of the worst luchador ever. I really liked the poor character, or rather, I really liked making life rough for him so I did a little doodle today of him. It turned out pretty good so I watercolored it. I then scanned it to my computer which resulted in an unsatisfying image:

I then took a photo of the watercolor. I'm always trying to see why sometimes photos of art work so much better than scans and other times they don't.

I then had the itch to tweak the photo in Photoshop, something that I know very little about.

That is definetly not a rabbit coming from that hat.... .... it is a goat. Gasp!
Thanks for stoppin by today. God bless and good day, friends!

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