Friday, February 23, 2018

Pirates Progress

Character design & composition sketches for a illustration by Philip A. Buck

    Hello friends! Welcome back. Did you see it in my last Instagram story? I’ve been drawing pirates in preparation for a thing. It's a personal project type of thing. You see, I'm drawing these awesome pirates to get some practice drawing more "simple & cartoony" characters & illustrations. I draw this kind of stuff a fair bit when I'm just doodling in my sketchbook, but I haven't made any "finished work" like this in a while. I'm thinking that if these illustrations & characters turn out decently, they'll make great additions to my portfolio. 

A process snapshot of my process coloring these pirates, their parrot & this briefcase!

A cropped detail of a pirate illustration by Philip A. Buck.  The full illustration is coming soon!

    I'm hoping to make a full process post with videos explaining how I made these cool pirates later when I post the final images. But we shall see.... Until then, God bless & ARRRRRGGGG, me matey!