Saturday, November 18, 2023

The Spoof Is Out There.


    I finally got around to finishing this design. I've never watched x files, but some puns are too powerful to be stopped. You can get lots of new products with this design On Sale by visiting my TeePublic shop. Just click "shop" above then “shop TeePublic.” Or copy & paste the link here:
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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Designed to SMILE (new designs & products)

 Hello there, good people! I've added a new design (two variations) on my Society6 & Teepublic shops.

 That means truck loads of new products. AND there's some big sales going on right now too.

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Friday, March 10, 2023

Happy Mario (BOWSER) Day 2023!

BOWSER, King of Koopas
Philip A. Buck
Ink on bristol board, digital coloring in Photoshop.

BOWSER... (detail.)

HAPPY MARCH 10! Or as it’s better known, Mario Day, (Mar10.) And to celebrate the Mario Bros., I decided to do an illustration of their arch nemesis, Bowser (King Koopa!) Trust me, it makes sense! 😅 I drew Mario, Luigi & Princess Peach for Mario Day a while back. This was a perfect time to add their big, bad foe! I tried to do a mix of the old school “classic" look & his new design from the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie. (Doesn’t Jack Black sound amazing as Bowser in the trailers?!) Below are glimpses of the coloring, inking & sketch process, as well as the other characters’ portraits.

Bowser coloring process in Photoshop.

After drawing Bowser in blue pencil (which will be removed in Photoshop once scanned,)
 I inked the small drawing with pens.

Preliminary sketches for Bowser.

Luigi Mario

Mario Mario

Princess Peach Toadstool

 Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Mario Day & God bless!

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Images of Kaijune Past

"GODZILLA" - Philip A. Buck
Created in Photoshop

"BALTAN" - Philip A. Buck
Ink on paper, colored digitally in Photoshop

"Baltan" - Philip A. Buck
Ink on paper

    Day 2: A Baltan from Ultraman! Drawn & inked with pencil & pens, colored in photoshop. (Check out the two process pictures.) Ever since I first saw these creepy dudes, I was a fan. Their designs have changed over the years, but they still have that quirky, cool quality!

"GUESRA" - Philip A. Buck
Ink on paper, colored digitally in Photoshop.

"GUESRA" - Philip A. Buck
Ink on paper.

    Day 3: A 
Guesra from "Ultraman!" These sea monsters also have fun designs that are just enjoyable to watch in action. I had a blast drawing & inking this one. It’s about 8x8 inches & colored digitally in Photoshop.

"HEDORAH" - Philip A. Buck
Ink on paper, colored digitally in Photoshop.

"Hedorah!" - Philip A. Buck
Ink on paper.

    4: Hedorah! This “smog monster” is a foe of Godzilla. Throughout the campy, psychedelic film they clash in, Hedorah appears in four forms of sludgy terror. The kaiju may appear silly, but she adds a somber, dark tone to the 1971 flick as the embodiment of pollution & destruction! Spooky, silly stuff! Great creature!

"GYAOS" - Philip A. Buck
Ink on paper, colored in Photoshop.

"Gyaos!" - Philip A. Buck
Ink on paper.

5: Gyaos! This pterosaur & bat like species of kaiju is a recurring foe for Gamera, Protector of Children.
Gosh, I’ve enjoyed the Gamera movies I have seen & the Gyaos are some of the cheesiest & coolest enemies he faces! 

"GAMERA" - Philip A. Buck
Ink on paper, colored in Photoshop.

"Gamera!" - Philip A. Buck
Ink on paper.

   6: Gamera! Gamera debuted in the 1965, Japanese film, “Gamera, the Giant Monster.” Originally this fire-breathing, rocketing turtle beast was a troublemaker, but he grew to be a defender of Earth & all children!  I got a bit carried away with the drawing.I’m not completely satisfied with the digital coloring, but it’ll do the job.

I hope you enjoyed these illustrations & the original black & white ink drawings. Do you enjoy kaiju & giant monsters too? Which is your favorite? My top four are probably cliche, but they are Godzilla, Mothra, Gamera & King Kong (in no particular order.)

Until next time, God bless!