Friday, January 29, 2010

Anne of Cleves with horns

I recently completed an INTERESTING watercolor painting based off of the following Holbein painting of Anne of Cleves

I love the mood of the figure and her Crazy clothes (in today's standards). But I still wanted to add something of my own to her. (something weird as usual) Presto! a hat is now a pair of croissant roll-looking horns!

I used my new fine tip inks to start.

I then used masking fluid to cover some of the figure.

I then painted the background an orange color and the masking fluid protected the areas I wanted to leave white.

I then painted more masking fluid in a splattery fashion on more of the background. Then I painted darker reddish orange over top of that when it dried. and PEELED AWAY!

The light orange shows through where the masking fluid was.

Add a little bluish green for clothes and skin.

TADA! ANNE OF CLEVES WITH HORNES! -I'll try to get a better pick up soon.

see ya later and God Bless!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


A while back, my love and interest for film noir was revived while watching some old detective and gangster movies. I love not only the suspenseful stories that usually come with film noir, but also the filmakers' use of light and shadows. I have also loved "noir" comics for a while and was inspired to make some mixed media pieces with graphite and watercolor. The first of these works is called Roxy: As for you sir,... and has a quote from Cyrano Debergerac in the caption box. Below are the step by step photos of my process making this work.

First, I did some test drawings just to see what approach I wanted to take to caption the "noir" feel while still using color.

Then, with some help from the works of Steranko, Sale, and some films, I came up with the general composition I wanted.

Now, to make a bigger version on stretched watercolor paper, and splash water colors all over it! I also used masking fluid to keep the caption box white until I could get the quote drawn in.

Practice makes perfect! ...or a bit better anyway.

And the final piece!

Thanks for stopping by! I will put more from this series up later on. Be sure to check out this work and many more in the new Art Gallery which is linked and the top of the page on the right. Until next time, God Bless ya and Adios!