Monday, May 25, 2015

Max's Dinosaurs Part Four: Watercolors to the MAX!

MAX by Philip A. Buck, ink & watercolor on 11.5x15.25 inch paper.
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    Hi, friends! As promised here is Part Four of my series of posts about the ink drawings & watercolors I did for Max! (Previous posts can be found here: 1, 2, & 3.) After finalizing which cartooning style I would use, mapping out the composition, & designing the characters, I pencilled & inked the final illustration (below.)

    The title letters in the old School House Rock intro were a big inspiration for Max's name in stone. I also referred to the work of paleoartists such as James Gurney when determining what type of plant life was around when the dinosaurs roamed the earth.

    After everything was drawn & inked, I painted the image with Winsor & Newton watercolor paints on Strathmore watercolor paper. The following are some close up photos I took of the happy dinosaurs!

    I hope you enjoyed this quick look back at more of Max's Dinosaurs. There's still one watercolor I haven't shown you yet, so keep you eyes on this site for more dinosaur fun!  In the meantime, always feel free to follow me on TwitterInstagramTumblr, & Google+ for more frequent process photos, updates, & sales on my products & art! Until next time, God bless!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Sketchbook Find: Tiny Black Widow Sketch

   Here's a tiny sketch I did of Black Widow back around when Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier came out. It's inspired by a mix of actresses Scarlet Johansson & Margarita Levieva. I may do something more finished with it someday...

   I know I've been neglecting the site a bit lately and I'm sorry about that, but trust me, it's only because I've been busy making more things! Things that I hope to share eventually! I'm expecting to get even busier soon, (more coloring comics!) so I'm hoping to get more stuff lined up to post on here during that business. In the meantime, always feel free to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr (all of which I tend to post things on a bit more frequently as I go.) God bless, and thanks for checking in!