Friday, December 19, 2014

Monster Portraits Month: Destry the Wolfman!

    Look out, guys! Here comes Destry! He's a wolfman! A werewolf! Whichever you prefer! Above is yet another one of the portraits that was commissioned in October as a part of Monster Portrait Month. Something about my pal Destry's photo just howled "Wolf!" Little did I know the Wolfman is his favorite of the classic monsters!

Click images to see them larger.

   After doing thumbnail sketches of  different compositions, I practiced drawing wolves (as seen in the little sketches above.)

Just a couple of sketches I did while trying to learn to capture Destry's likeness and wolfiness.

    Next, it was time to get a grasp on drawing Destry accurately and to plan out his "monsterized" form! 

    Here, you see the same page shown above, only now the "regular Destry" drawing has been transformed and notes to myself have been added! Most of my notes to myself end in question marks, guys. Sometimes they end in intense exclamation points!

Light pencilling on 5x7 inch Bristol board paper.

    Here I begin the final piece with a light drawing of "regular Destry." Even "regular Destry" is still a special guy, just so you know.

Monsterization begins!

    I carefully erased parts of the drawing and added more wolf-like qualities. The technical term is "monsterizing."

A video posted by Philip A. Buck (@philip_a._buck) on

    And viola! A wolfman named Destry! Thanks for taking a look at my process on this one. To see the other monster portraits go here. There are still a couple of monsters on their way! While you wait, feel free to check out how you can get your own original art or purchase products featuring my art by clicking the "Shop" tab above. Until next time, God bless! 

Monday, December 8, 2014

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Monday, December 1, 2014

CYBER MONDAY 2014! New Designs, New Products, New Deal!!!

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Monster Portraits Month: Patrick & Sarah (The Monster & His Bride!!!)

Ink on two separate pieces of 5x7 inch Bristol board paper. 

     Hey everybody! Here's two more monsters from MONSTER PORTRAIT MONTH! This fine couple has a particular fondness for Frankenstein's monster and the monster's bride,  so I was happy to "Monsterize" them accordingly. This was kind of tricky, but loads of fun!

    Here are some of the earliest little sketches I drew to plan out the drawings. After that, I moved on to working on the likenesses. 

Light pencilling of likeness.

      I usually start the finished piece by trying to lightly sketch a likeness of the subject. Though, I have a tendency to press the pencil down too hard and often have to roll or press a kneaded eraser on the drawing to lighten it.


    After achieving a likeness, I start "Monsterizing" the person by erasing and adding elements. For some reason, I find separating this into two steps helps me to get both the likeness and the monster qualities roughed in better than just sketching them out as the monster from the get go. 


    After lightly sketching it out, (sometimes tightly, sometimes loosely,) I then ink over the pencils while still referring back to the original photo and my preliminary sketches occasionally. After that, all that's left is to erase any stray pencil lines and then retouch some if the inks that may have faded when erasing.

Final Piece!

     For the rest of these two guys (their bodies and her hair,) I referred to stills from the classic Universal film as well as the work of Jack Davis (among others.) Here are the same steps with Sarah:

Final Piece!

     Believe it or not, but there are still more monsters on the way! Until then feel free to check out how you can get your own original art or purchase products featuring my art by clicking the "Shop" tab above. There's lots of deals going on right now, folks! Thanks for stopping by and looking! God Bless!

P.S. I hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving and will have a marvelous holiday season!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Monday, November 10, 2014

Monster Portraits Month: Heather!

Ink on 5x7 inch Bristol board paper.

     AH! Another monster portrait from Monster Portrait Month! This here is Heather. Don't let the Medusa-hairdo fool you, she's a nice gal. The funny thing is, the real Heather is scared of snakes! A fact which I did not know. haha! But she still digs her portrait (see, really a nice lady.) I'll still making more monsters and will be sharing them with you here, on the site as their owners receive them. And if you're tired of monsters (wha?! how could you be?!) I'm planning to post some recent non-monster work soon. Until next time, God bless!!!

    P.S. Did you miss Monster Portrait Month, but still want to commission original artwork? Good news! The sale may have ended, but I still have a couple of ongoing sales over on my online shop, PABshop. Feel free to check them out at that link or through the "Shop" page link above and clicking "PABshop."

Monday, November 3, 2014

Monster Portraits Month: Jonathan the Mummy

Ink on 5x7 inch Bristol board.

    Monster Portrait Month maybe over, but I'm still working on some of the portraits you guys ordered and its lots of fun! Above is my latest portrait, the terrifying mummy Jonathan!!! This one was tricky, but crazy fun to do!

   Don't be too bummed out if you missed your chance to order a monster portrait. The sale may have ended, but I still have a couple of ongoing sales over on my online shop, PABshop that may still suit your needs. Feel free to check them out at that link or through the "Shop" page link above and clicking "PABshop."

    I'll be posting some more of the monster portraits as they are completed. If you haven't received yours in the mail or any notification that it has been shipped, don't worry. I've got quite a number of orders left draw, ink, and ship. Your portrait will be on its way to you as soon as possible! If you have any questions about your order never hesitate to email me! I don't mind. :)

    A BIG thanks to everyone who participated in Monster Portrait Month and spread the word! I received a much bigger response than I anticipated. It has been awesome! Thanks for the great help! And another thanks to my sister, Mary for encouraging me to go through with it in the first place and being the first to be Monsterized!

   Thanks for bearing with me through the many Monstrous ads and stuff on social media lately and sharing them with your friends! And thanks for stopping by the site. God Bless!

Friday, October 31, 2014



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Monday, October 27, 2014

Monster Portraits Month: Jennifer And Paul!

    It's still MONSTER PORTRAITS MONTH! Here are two fine individuals that wanted to be MONSTERIZED! What a lovely couple. Let's take a closer look!

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   Thanks for stopping by and checking out this terrifying twosome. God Bless, guys!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Monster Portraits Month: Ashley!

    It's still MONSTER PORTRAITS MONTH! Here's a look at another one of the winners of the Free Portrait Contest earlier in the month, Ashley! Spoooooky!

    So you didn't win the contest or missed it entirely? Do not worry! I'm offering 5x7 ink Monster Portraits for only $10 plus shipping through my original art shop, PABshop! Just go to for details! But remember, this deal is for the rest of this October only! So hurry and get yourself MONSTERIZED!