Saturday, October 29, 2022

Monster My Selfie - Vampire Kid Portraits! (Halloween 2022)

Rhett & Juniper, children of the niiiight! Two 5x7 inch ink drawings on bristol board paper.

    Happy Halloween everyone! Here are a couple of awesome kids I had the pleasure of turning into monsters this month. I had drawn their parents as vampires for the #MonsterMySelfie Portrait Sale back in 2014 & even their dog as a ghost in 2017. This year, their folks jumped at the opportunity to monsterize the kids too! How neat is that? Take a look below to see a glimpse of my process & the whole monster family. You can click any of the pictures to view them larger.

   I sketched on paper & in Photoshop different ideas for how the kids were going to look. I then sketched out monster versions of the kids in Photoshop. I printed off black & white versions of the reference photos, then used my light pad to make sure I had positioned the kids' features & shadows in the right places with correct proportions on the final bristol board paper. I lightly drew the kids "normally" to try to maintain their likenesses. 


    Then I printed off the monster sketches (at different sizes to make sure one of them would match the scale I was working in,) & used the light pad again to make sure I was placing the monster features in the right places.

    Following that, I referred back to the original photos, black & white photos & sketches to draw out the final "monsterized" versions. I used various ink pens to ink the drawings & a bit of white ink & white posca marker to make a few touch ups. 

A close up of Rhett's final ink drawing that was sent in the mail!
Rhett's portrait, scanned & levels adjust in Photoshop.

Juniper's digital sketches printed out.

Juniper's final ink drawing that was sent in the mail! (Seen here with a couple of the pens I used.)

Juniper's portrait, scanned & levels adjust in Photoshop.

Dad & Mom! (Heath & Amanda, also vampires.)

Puppy dog, Dakota... the ghost!

    I hope you enjoyed looking at my process & these cool kids. If you would like to see more "Monster My Selfie" Portraits &/or more of my process, just click here. If you'd like to order an original drawing of your own, click here. Have a happy & safe Halloween everybody! Enjoy the spooky season!

God Bless,

-Philip A. Buck

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