Friday, January 29, 2010

Anne of Cleves with horns

I recently completed an INTERESTING watercolor painting based off of the following Holbein painting of Anne of Cleves

I love the mood of the figure and her Crazy clothes (in today's standards). But I still wanted to add something of my own to her. (something weird as usual) Presto! a hat is now a pair of croissant roll-looking horns!

I used my new fine tip inks to start.

I then used masking fluid to cover some of the figure.

I then painted the background an orange color and the masking fluid protected the areas I wanted to leave white.

I then painted more masking fluid in a splattery fashion on more of the background. Then I painted darker reddish orange over top of that when it dried. and PEELED AWAY!

The light orange shows through where the masking fluid was.

Add a little bluish green for clothes and skin.

TADA! ANNE OF CLEVES WITH HORNES! -I'll try to get a better pick up soon.

see ya later and God Bless!


  1. Here is the final framed and clearer: