Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sonny got shot!

Well, I finally finished my third peice in what I have casually dubbed the "noir watercolors," a while back and have just had the opportunity to get a good digital photo taken.
With out further hub bub....

You may recognize the poor fellow who is getting shot (the figure of my oil painting, JAZZ MAN) and maybe even the loverly lady and gun man (figures from previous watercolors, though they look a bit different now.)
-click images to enlarge-

And for today's bonus: a detail from a series that I started at the end of '09. Its in my new "scribble style." I will get some good pics of the full works up soon, don't you worry!

Thanks again for checking in, and until I get a chance to sit down again,
God Bless and good night everybody!

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