Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Queen Amidala/Nefertiti

Just finished this lil' piece the other day. It is part of a Star Wars themed thing I thought up that deals with some ancient art. I thought it would be cool if the scenes and characters from "a long time ago..." were depicted in ancient styles. I'm not sure how many more are coming, but I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out.

Here is the original, an ancient sculpture of the famous Queen of Egypt, Nefertiti. What better piece to get inspiration from when trying to depict Queen Amidala from the Star Wars prequel trilogy? I looked at the original and compared it to a picture in profile of Natalie Portman as Amidala. I then sketched it out in my sketch book, used my ink pen, and took a photo. All that was left was to DIGITALLY COLOR! whew...

I attempted to make it look like some archaeological log page... or something like that. Anywho, that's the final image. At least I think it is haha, Thanks for stopping by. God bless!

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