Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Perfect Angels: Band Logo

Recently, I was commisioned B.J. Ackner of the band, Perfect Angels, to come up with a logo for the band. They wanted something that ironically played with their name. First, I sketched up the following just to get basic ideas and directions we could go on paper:

Then, after B.J. let me know which route they were interested in the most, I began sketching up more possibilities, as well as some photo-manipulation routes we could go using a painting by Thayer and some different fonts we could use.

We narrowed it down to one image and two fonts. I then sent him mock-ups of the image with each font.

We settled on a "mixture" of both fonts. Then I had the final logo with the illustration, and without.  The logos went over well, and so... SUCCESS!
Working with the B.J. was a good experience and process.  If Perfect Angels is ever playing in your neck of the woods, make sure to go show them your support!

As always, thanks for stoppin' by, and God Bless!!!

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  1. Not bad i like this band logo which is suite to its name.
    Thanks for a ncie post.