Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Perfect Gifts for the Holidays on sale now!


Are you all trying to think of the perfect gift for someone this holiday season, but having a tough time? Are you short on cash but want to give personalized, unique gifts?

Worry No More!
For a very limited time I am offering special low low prices on original drawings/comissions. Its a good deal you guys- just $20 for a black and white drawing (ink) that would usually go for $40-$75!
These are original, customized drawings for you and your friends! You can just e-mail, tumbr-ask, or direct message tweet me any suggestion for what drawing you want and your address. I will try to do as many as I can, but I will have to draw the line somewhere in order to get them all done and to you in time for the holidays. So please act now! Once you get your drawing, just sent me the dough (honor system style- I trust you guys!)

So are we set? Just send me what you want me to draw, I draw it, you sent me $20, and you or someone you dig gets a totally unique gift! Woot woot! I'm excited. Let's do this! haha Spred the word! Thanks friends! God bless.

p.s. All drawings will be done in ink though styles my vary. Any questions can be directed here.

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