Monday, November 5, 2012

Possible T-shirt, Listening to Living Legends, and NEW ONLINE STORE!

   Friends and Fiends! I need your help. I'm thinking seriously about making a t-shirt to sell to you all online. Would you be interested in one of these as a T-shirt? If so, which one/variation/combination? Your help is much appreciated!!!


I had the pleasure of attending an awesome free seminar held by the National Cartoonist's Society at Watkins College in Nashville, TN over the weekend. It was very good with incredible speakers! If you want to hear more about the experience and see some examples of the artists who spoke and their art, head over to my Tumblr blog, PABDESK.


I am very excited to announce to you all that I have begun setting up my NEW ONLINE STORE MART SHOP over on Big Cartel! It is a great place for you to buy my original art. Anyone need Christmas gifts? This is a great way to get special, personalized gifts for a good price. I think you will dig it! Check it out now and you may notice some SALES that are going on!

Thanks for stopping in and helping out today, pals! God bless!

EDIT: I'm probably making the cut off Friday for suggestions on which T-shirt of Kit the Cat to have made so make sure to let me know which one you think is best!

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