Monday, February 17, 2014

The Amplifier- Z is for Thanks a Zillion!

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    Wow. Here it is, guys. My last "Alternative Alphabet" illustration for The Amplifier. Appearing in the current issue of the paper, this illustration incorporates a few of the figures that have shown up along the way from "A" to "Z."  My collaborator/art director, Leslie had the idea to do this and I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity to revisit some of the characters I'd illustrated. What a great way to show our thanks and appreciation to those who contribute to the paper and those it aids.

    In this edition, The Amp staff put every previous illustration from the series in the paper as well as spotlighting some of the favorites and featuring a great article Leslie wrote about our experience on the project on the front page. How cool is that?!
Here is The Amp's mission as described on its website:

The Amplifier exists to give voice and economic opportunity to those living beyond the margins of our community and to address the social issues that affect them.

    For more information on the paper and how you can help click the website link above. It has been an honor to contribute and be involved even in a small way with what the folks at The Amp are doing. I hope you all get a chance to pick a paper up soon. God bless!

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