Friday, December 19, 2014

Monster Portraits Month: Destry the Wolfman!

    Look out, guys! Here comes Destry! He's a wolfman! A werewolf! Whichever you prefer! Above is yet another one of the portraits that was commissioned in October as a part of Monster Portrait Month. Something about my pal Destry's photo just howled "Wolf!" Little did I know the Wolfman is his favorite of the classic monsters!

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   After doing thumbnail sketches of  different compositions, I practiced drawing wolves (as seen in the little sketches above.)

Just a couple of sketches I did while trying to learn to capture Destry's likeness and wolfiness.

    Next, it was time to get a grasp on drawing Destry accurately and to plan out his "monsterized" form! 

    Here, you see the same page shown above, only now the "regular Destry" drawing has been transformed and notes to myself have been added! Most of my notes to myself end in question marks, guys. Sometimes they end in intense exclamation points!

Light pencilling on 5x7 inch Bristol board paper.

    Here I begin the final piece with a light drawing of "regular Destry." Even "regular Destry" is still a special guy, just so you know.

Monsterization begins!

    I carefully erased parts of the drawing and added more wolf-like qualities. The technical term is "monsterizing."

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    And viola! A wolfman named Destry! Thanks for taking a look at my process on this one. To see the other monster portraits go here. There are still a couple of monsters on their way! While you wait, feel free to check out how you can get your own original art or purchase products featuring my art by clicking the "Shop" tab above. Until next time, God bless! 

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