Monday, December 14, 2015

Coloring VeggieTales Super Comics Volumes 3 & 4!

VeggieTales Super Comics: Volumes 3 & 4 written & adapted by Aaron Linne & Mike Nappa, illustrated by Cory Jones, & colored by Cory Jones & Philip A. Buck

    Hey folks! For a while now, I've been hinting at how I've been doing some comic book coloring this year. Well here it is! Earlier this year, I had the great pleasure of working as a freelance Artist Assistant & Colorist for illustrator (and my good friend,) Cory Jones as he illustrated VeggieTales Super Comics: Volume 3 & Volume 4 for Big Idea Entertainment & B&H Kids publishing. The stories from the Big Idea VeggieTales videos were adapted by Aaron Linne (Volume 3) & Mike Nappa (Volume 4) & are collected with all new LarryBoy stories which were written by Linne & Nappa as well.

    Each volume of VeggieTales Super Comics contains 3 separate stories which are 32 pages each! I was so excited to do the colors for  all 3 stories in Volume 3 & 2 stories in Volume 4!

     All cover art was done by Cory Jones, while Volume 4's cover features some of my color work as well. Man, he did such a sharp job!

     Below are just a few glimpses inside the final printed copies of the books & our artwork inside. He has been great to work with & his fun line art made it a joy to add colors & effects everyday!

       Soon, I'll share with you all some examples of how Cory's black & white line art basically looked when I received it, followed by my digital color version of each page. Until then, you can check out such samples from 3 stories that are featured in Volume 3 over on my portfolio page.

    VeggieTales Super Comics: Volumes 3 & 4 can be purchased in most book stores and on Amazon here and here as well as in most other stores online & in reality. (Can anyone say perfect Christmas gifts?) :D Thanks for checking in & God Bless! 

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