Thursday, January 21, 2016

My Sister's New Adele Parody MUSIC VIDEO, "SNOW"

    Last week, I shared with you all the Adele parody video my sister, Mary Morris, made & posted on YouTube. Mary is a 3rd grade teacher & the lyrics she wrote to Adele's song, "Hello" are all about wanting a snow day desperately. Since then, the video has already had over 480,000 views & counting!!! Not only that, but many websites & organizations have picked up on it and shared it like crazy. 

    Her local news station WBIR, Knoxville even got in on the fun & interviewed her (you can watch that here,) & filmed behind the scenes on the set of her new... MUSIC VIDEO!!! That's right! The above video is her new music video for the parody. It just happens some of her good friends helm InnerDigital & had been wanting to make a music video of her parodies for teachers for a while now. (You can read all about that & see behind the scenes pictures here.) 

Photo by Lisa Price Photography

     The video turned out amazingly, as you can see! Everyone involved did a phenomenal job & this new video is already going viral too! TIME's website has already spread the word about it, as well as many others. I hope you all enjoy this little diversion from the ordinary. I couldn't help but share what my cool sister has been up to! My family is always proud of her work as an amazing teacher & her beautiful singing at her church & events & we are also very proud of this funny video that I am sure will put a big smile on your faces! To watch more of here videos, just check out her YouTube channel. Thanks for watching, God bless!

P.S. Mary just got yesterday & today out of school, so I think the song is working!

So now Mary's video has made it to a lot of places...
to the Local News & Radio stations such as:
The Slightly Less Local News (good interview/article):
MANY Not So Local News stations:…/tn-teacher-parodies-adeles-hello-with…
TIME's website:
RELEVANT magazine's website:…/elementary-school-teacher…
COUNTRY LIVING magazine’s website:
ON THE NATIONAL TV SHOW, Right This Minute:…/rtmtv-mary-morris-adele-co… (Scroll Down To Watch Them Talk About It.)
AND NOW TODAY. COM!!!:…/snow-it-s-me-teacher-s-hilarious-ade…
I'm only a little surprised... My big sis is incredible!!!


My sister’s Adele Parody Music Videohas not only been on Inside Edition, but has hit over a MILLION VIEWS on YouTube! And yes, she got her snow days after all… 3 in fact. :)

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