Monday, June 27, 2016

#Freedom2TheWorld- Album Art for Cary & New Nation's Live Recording

    I don't do a lot of album artwork for musicians, but every once in a while I have the pleasure of working with a singer or band to create a visual representation of their music or themselves. I just had such a pleasure making this image for Cary "Stew" Steward & his awesome group, New Nation.

    The band has been together for about ten years & I think I've been a fan for basically that whole time. I went to college with Stew & many of the current & past members & have been enjoying their inspired music & ministry ever since. I was excited to hear that they are recording their first live concert album this weekend! I was doubly thrilled to be asked to illustrate the artwork for the album! I'm planning to post a more detailed break down of the process creating this album cover later, but I wanted to go ahead & give you all the information for this weekend's live recording in case you can attend!

Saturday, July 2 at 6 PM - 9 PM in EDT
2471 Old Liberty Hill Rd, Morristown, Tennessee 37814
More information is available on Facebook:
You can support this great project through prayer,
spreading the word, and visiting the GoFundMe Page:

More informational videos & some music here.

Thanks for checking in! I hope you get the chance to attend the concert. I bet you'll really like it! God bless!

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