Monday, November 26, 2018

#MonsterMySelfie Portraits: Monster Chris, the Triclops!

      During the #MonsterMySelfie ink portrait sale last month, it was my great pleasure to complete a portrait of Chris. I had done a portrait of his kind wife, Heather a few years back as a Medusa-like monster & was excited to give hers a mate. 

 As you can see in the process snapshots below, I changed the original photo into black & white & adjusted the levels of contrast. That makes it easier to work from.

  I then came up with a monsterized version of Chris in rough sketches. I then traced the basic shapes of the photo, (a step I don’t always do, but one I use when I am having difficulty with the likeness or just need to get it figured out faster.)

I then took a look back at the b&w photo & Monster sketch as I drew & inked the portrait.

     I had a lot of fun making this portrait of Chris & was glad Heather's would now have a companion. I hope you all had a safe & fun Halloween & Thanksgiving. I'll be posting another of this year's Monster Portraits on here next week, but if you want to sneak a look, you can visit my social media accounts listed to the side of this page. As always, thanks for stopping by & may God bless you!

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