Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Sketch-tastic Tuesday or People Are Challenging, Yet Fun

I have for you a a handful of sketches that I have done over the last few weeks.  Nothing fancy, ya know? Just good ol' sketches. (click to enlarge any images)

First off, a relatively unused sketch that I did in preperation for soon to be printed illustration in The Amplifier.  Though I ended up going in a very different direction for the final image, I still kinda dig this lil old illustration-style doodle.

Next, we have a few sketches of people that were photographed over at the fantastic website, The Sartorialist.  I think I've probably done a good number more that use the site's interesting subjects for reference, but these are the sketches I have photos of.  That site is a great place for inspiration and "people practice."

I used this painting, a self portrait by painter Tintoretto, as reference for the tighter sketch below. (after my fun squashing and stretching of the figure, I think he kind of looks like this guy) I think I could really benefit from doing more sketches and studies off of the old masters.  I know its helped me alot in the past and if you haven't done it you should give it a go! :) It's pretty "rad" as the kids would say.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these sketches and have a great rest of the week, friends! God bless!

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