Thursday, May 5, 2011


Happy Thor'sday, everyone!  In honor of his motion picture debut tomorrow, I thought I'd make today a celebration of every body's favorite little alien from Stargate SG-1! ....wait, what? The movie isn't about this Thor? It's about this Thor?
Oh! O.k. well, that's alright. He is pretty cool too. (Actually, I am rather excited.)
and God bless, gang!


  1. Holy crabcakes batman! I didn't know you were a Star Gate junkie???

  2. YOU KNOW IT, Robin! haha I used to watch it (SG-1) hard core back in the day. I have season 2 on DVD. I watched the show up until just after the cast changed some and around the time Atlantis had been on a season or so. (which I watched a tad too.) Then I flaked off. I hear Universe was good.