Monday, January 9, 2012

J Tramel Beats and Miyazaki meets Little Nemo

Hey gang! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all had an incredible holiday experience. I enjoyed mine for sure. Part of that enjoyment was getting to work on a bunch of your commissions in the days preceding the holidays. So much fun!

This a work my rad friend commissioned as a gift for her talented brother ("J Tramel Beats.") I did a lot of preliminary sketches and such for it as you can see. I also did many sketches and designs you can't see here. After all that, I finally got the image down just right!

Another cool pal commissioned a piece for her bro, who I'm sure is also talented at doing things. He likes Little Nemo in Slumberland (she purchased one of my Nemo watercolors for him in the past) and the films of Miyazaki, so I mashed them up into this:
Sorry, this isn't the best photo of it.
I was pretty pleased with the results. Well Troops, I've got to go ant watch some "Murder She Wrote" reruns, so I'll post some of my other recent works another time. Thanks for looking and God bless!

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