Monday, January 16, 2012

Nature, pets, and old Sassy makes an appearance

 Hey pals and strangers! Here are some more commissioned pieces I completed and the end of this past year. The person who commissioned this drawing really loves nature and river wildlife. As you can see, I had fun doing this one and let old Big Foot (Sasquatch) join in! (Click the images to see them larger) Here is that piece again in photo form. You can see the warmth of the tones a bit nicer.

This one was for my friend Leslie who is my "contact" person at The Amplifier. It was a pleasure to draw her pup (he likes T.V.) as a surprise for her hubby. He likes Snoopy, but then who doesn't?! 
Sorry again about poor photo. This one was too big to scan.

Whoah, I just realized I'm drinking out of a Snoopy mug right now! Haha weird. Well, thanks for checking in and I hope you guys are having a great MLKJr. Day! God Bless!

P.S. I forgot to mention that this month's issue of The Amplifier is out in the Knoxville area! Instead of my regular contribution of an illustration, this issue has a page about me. Yeah, I know! Its got a little nice article and little versions of all my Amp illustrations so far. Very cool. Those folks treat me well, don't they? So be sure to check the issue out- not just to see me and my article, but also to bring aid to the homeless of Knoxville! Thanks!

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