Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hourly Comics Day 2012

 Hey Guys! Did you know that yesterday was Hourly Comics Day? It was! I've never participated before, but thought I would give it a go this year. It was quite the challenge, but I'm sure glad I did it! 
The idea is that on Feb. 1st you draw a comic (can be a single panel, two panels, or a whole strip) for every hour that you are awake. If you say, get up at 7:20 like I did, then you try to draw a comic of what you did that hour before it turns 8:20. Pretty cool right? 
Well, here are my humble attempts. They're pretty messy and the handwriting and scans are bad but oh well. That's what rushed work is right? I hope you all enjoy them. It was a great exercise and showed/taught me a lot about journal comics and my cartooning in general.

Did you like them? Haha I hope so. Want to see other people's? Go here. Or just click over to my tweet-tweet, I'm retweeting lots of comics that people share. Thanks, everyone! God bless!

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