Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Cool Cats of 5 Minute Marvels + Kermit

Hi. How are you? Oh man, thanks for asking, I'm great! I had the happy fortune of being the the 900th follower on twitter of Tim from 5 Minute Marvels and they invited me to suggest something for them to draw with me! What? You don't know what 5MM is? Well my interweb friends, it is an awesome site where Tim and his talented daughters (ages 6 and 8) draw five minute drawings of characters. They also invite anyone else to join them and send in their drawings. Yep, it is pretty cool. Check the website out for more info.

Anyways, they let me pick what they drew next and I chose Kermit the frog (I drew him as seen in Muppet Treasure Island.)  Their drawings are splendid! This is my sketch of the amazing amphibean. I hope you guys visit their site and maybe take part in the fun with them as well. Have a great night and God bless!

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