Friday, May 31, 2013

Engaged Couple Portrait in Graphite

    Hello all! How are you guys doing? Check it out! I was just recently commissioned to do another portrait drawing in pencil! This drawing was to be of a sweet engaged couple for their wedding gift.  I thought you all might want to take a look at the piece as well as a very quick look at the process.

    I used the same process as I did on the last couple portrait. Applying the grid method, I blocked out the image, drew in the basic shapes, and then filled in the values.

    As you may be able to tell, I then enhanced (darkened or lightened) the values and forms with the used of different pencils (such as 4B, 6B & maybe an Ebony?) and a kneaded eraser. I also changed and corrected some of the placement of the eyes and shape of their faces etc. I also used a smudging stump (or whatever you call them haha) to soften and blur certain areas before I came to the final version of the drawing as you see it above.

    I hope you all enjoyed taking a look at my process on this commission and I wish this couple a "Congratulations!" Have a great weekend, folks! God Bless!

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